About QXP

QXP Technologies Inc is a pioneer in large scale photonics integrated circuits. Our high-index waveguide platform is used for the mass production of functionally sophisticated, small form factor chips and modules. Compared with conventional low index photonic circuits, orders of magnitude size reduction is possible while unique building blocks enable more complex circuits, improved performance, and functionality not otherwise possible using conventional platforms. Active and passive functionality is brought together using our materials' unique ability to be monolithically integrated with SiP and III-Vs at the wafer level.

QXP Technologies Inc has set up an end-to-end value chain comprised of design, wafer fab, back end processing, packaging, assembly, testing, qualification, electronics and software, all in-house. We can also offer any specific subset of these capabilities to the end customer, including customized equipment. 

QXP attracts and employs top talent worldwide. Through our diversified engineering and scientific talent, we are able to offer a wide range of products and CM services such as1.25G-200/400G transceivers for different package formats, passive modules, MxN switch modules, as well as customized chips and modules.

Product Solutions
Products are used in optical access network, optical transmission network, metro network, detection and sensing fields
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